The song featured above is Kayelee's "Don't Wanna Be With You." Originally an electronic-pop hit, Jacob worked with Kayelee and guitarist, Ryland Holland to make it more suitable for live shows.

Jacob implements the SPD-SX sampling pad earlier on in the first verse and then adds live drums in the second verse/pre-chorus (shown above). This adds an element of "build" and dynamics to give the song an excitement that both a first time listener and long time fan wouldn't expect. Jacob then has the guitarist switch between light 'noodling' in the verse to chords in the chorus. Also in the chorus, the guitarist copies the bassline from the tracks with a distortion pedal. All of this is happening live to backing tracks from the original song. After going through stems, Jacob decides what can be replicated live with the musicians available and what can remain in the tracks. Backing tracks are a necessary part of today's shows and Jacob works with musicians to let the tracks do their job while allowing the show to still be a live and thrilling event for the audience and the artist. 




Over the course of the past couple years Jacob has become a music director for artists around Boston and NYC. Keeping a healthy mix of live music and pre-recorded backing tracks, Jacob works with every artist to put together their dream show. From Top-40's pop songs turned into rock anthems, anything is possible with today's technology. With over 10 years of piano, guitar and bass experience mixed with Ableton Live knowledge, creating an entertaining and desirable show is something that he does well. Graduating from Berklee allowed Jacob an opportunity to not only play with people from every corner of the world, but also connect with them. With a network of talented musicians, whether you're located in Los Angeles, China or even Australia, Jacob can bring the musicians, build the music and make sure the show is one you're not going to want to miss.