is an incredible pop singer/songwriter/producer. Starting out in San Francisco and now in LA, she's signing song deals with labels such as Kobalt and getting her music remixed by producers such as Jordan Jay. Her EP is set to drop this summer (July 2019). In her live band, I am in charge of running tracks and drumming

on a hybrid setup of acoustic/electronic drums.


Sophia gripari

hails from across the pond in London, but has no plans of heading back East. With a phat new release of her song, "Try Again," she'll be LA Bound come August and has a lot to look forward to. With this artist, I'm in charge of MD'ing, running backing tracks and drumming. As a producer, Sophia creates most of her own music which allows for a conversation to happen about what we can have musicians play live and what we can have in the tracks. Sophia is ready to take on the LA electronic scene. 


is formerly of the first South African band, Early Hours, to get over 1 million streams on Spotify. He is starting a solo career and taking me along for the ride. As a singer/songwriter, Jake brought me on as a Music Director to help bring his acoustic indie pop music to life. I help write parts for both live/studio performances, run backing tracks and drum. With music too exciting to miss, his first single "Latitude," is set to drop at the end of the summer (2019). 


is dominating the electro-pop scene in Boston with sights on LA. As Music Director, I was brought onto this project to help bring the huge productions of Kayelee's recorded music to life with a live band. Usually working with a group of guitar, keys, drums and tracks, I gave specific parts to band members to allow for an exciting live performance while also letting the backing tracks provide the original music that we all know and love. Sampling some of the iconic drum sounds from my Roland SPD-SX, I've been able to allow most of the music to remain "live." I also play an acoustic kit which works perfectly for the rock 'n roll feel underlying most of Kayelee's repertoire.