Drummer // Bandleader // Arranger

Jacob Harelick is a Studio/Session Drummer from White Plains, NY. Having played music all over the country, he uses the 'feel' he's developed from genres such as pop, funk, jazz and rock to fit any record or single he's asked to record on. Currently studying at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, he plans on moving to LA to pursue his dream of playing drums on every song possible. 

Live from a Private Wedding at  Red Maple Vineyard

Session Work:
Arthur, the Pleasure – “Rap Music Again” (Berklee Studio 1)
Engineers: Noah McGuire, Brad Feeney, Jesse Mason
Arthur, the Pleasure – “Music is Dead” (Berklee Studio 3)
Engineers – Loren Dorland, Laura Wilson, Jesse Mason
Arthur, the Pleasure – “Balloons” (Berklee Studio 3)
Engineers – Laura Wilson
Sound-a-like Project – “Africa” (Berklee Studio A)
Engineers – Noah McGuire, Brad Feeney
Personal Project – “Downward – Ripe Cover” (Berklee Studio 1)
Engineers – Laura Wilson, Adam Loeffler, Noah McGuire
Mirjam Borenstein – “Not Dead Yet” (Record Co.)
Engineers – Roy Boukris
Mirjam Borenstein – “Kick the Dog” (Record Co.)
Engineers – Roy Boukris
Soul Candy *School Project – “Crowded Room” (Berklee Studio 2)
Engineers – Jane Stenvig, Loren Dorland
Henry Lewis Mansfield – “North in the Morning Pt 2.” (Berklee Studio 2)
Engineers – Henry (Sage) Mitchell
Personal Project – “Oh No – Lawrence Cover” (Berklee Studio F)
Engineers – Alexander Lee Borel, Adam Loeffler
Soul Candy *School Project – “Crowded Room” (Berklee Studio 1)
Engineers – Noah McGuire
Soul Candy *School Project – “Got Me Movin’” (Berklee Studio 2)
Engineers – Noah McGuire
Claudia Swope – “Allen Stone Medley” (Berklee Studio F)
Engineers – Alexander Lee Borel, Shane Moloney, Jessica Taylor
Henry Lewis Mansfield – “North in the Morning Pt. 1” (Berklee Studio 2)
Engineers – Henry (Sage) Mitchell
Soul Candy – “Got Me Movin’” (Berklee Studio F)
Engineers – Adam Loeffler, Alexander Lee Borel
Julian Yeboah – “Revolution” (Northeastern Studios)
Engineers – Luke Miller
Rozie Baker ­­- “Residue” (Home Recording)
Engineers – Jacob Harelick, Regina Averlon
Ellie James, Julia Fortman, Zack Frank – “Funeral Parade” (Home Recording)
Engineers – Jacob Harelick, Ellie James


Jacob Harelick + Drums

Live from The Middle East Downstairs in Cambridge

Current Projects


Soul Candy (2017-Present)

Formed on the first day of the Spring semester at Berklee, Soul Candy was created for the one purpose of making people dance and have a good time. With catchy lyrics and incredible rhythm, the band will be releasing music come the end of 2017. Hot off a summer tour, Soul Candy is going to be something huge!

Walking is Like Running (2015-Present)

Formed at the 2015 Berklee Five Week Summer Performance Program, this 3 piece Indie-Pop/Rock trio has taken the mixture of technology/music to a whole new level. Living in CA, VA & NY gave them an opportunity to use applications such as Facebook and Skype to keep their momentum going, and even complete a week long tour this past summer.

(Orchestration: Vocals/Guitar, Bass, Drums)

Career Highlights

 - Booked/Managed/Performed in a week long East Coast tour in the Summer of 2016 with opener, Sleeping Lion

​- Performed at Weddings, Private Parties & Galas 

​ - Performed in the pit orchestra for Dear Edwina, Guys and Dolls, Wizard of Oz & Bye Bye Birdie

 - Performed with Lido 

 - Opened for The Main Squeeze, Kyle Thornton & Co., Ripe & The New Review

 - Played Christian Worship Music at a Church in Boston, MA

Past Projects Include:

Just Curly Fries: Acoustic Comedy/Pop (Guitar/Vocals, Trumpet/Keyboard)

Less Than Lovely: Alternative/Pop Punk (Guitar/Vocals, Bass, Drums)

Standard Deviation: Jazz/Funk/Contemporary (Trumpet, Trombone, Keyboard, Bass, Drums)

The Jazz Blasters: Jazz/Funk (Trumpet, Saxophone, Trombone, Piano, Guitar, Bass, Drums)

Ivan Polanco: Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop (Guitar/Vocals, Drums)

The Tim Veeder Quartet: Jazz/Funk/Fusion (Saxophone, Guitar or Keys, Bass, Drums)

The Jacob Harelick Quartet: Jazz, Funk, Top 40's Hits (Vocals/Saxophone, Guitar, Bass, Drums - Wedding Band)

The Jacob Harelick Groove: Top 40's Hits (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Trumpet, Trombone, Saxophone, Tuba, Drums)

Mirjam Borenstein: Rock/Alternative (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Bass, Drums)

Arthur, the Pleasure: Hip Hop/Rap/Soul/Funk/Swing (Rapper, 9 Vocalists, Keys, Guitar, Bass, Trumpet, Sax, Trombone, Flute, Drums)

Rachel Myers: Soul (Singer/Keys, Guitar, Bass, Saxophone, Drums)

Henry Lewis Mansfield: Piano Rock (Singer/Keys, Guitar, Bass, Horns, Drums)

Ellie James​: Contemporary (Singer/Keys, Guitar, Drums/Electronic Drums)

Ian Kimmel and the Heard: Pop/Rock, Folk/Blues (Guitar/Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Drums)