The important stuff

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Headlining the Middle East Nightclub with Kayelee.


With technology becoming one of the most important parts of a live show, Jacob has learned to incorporate Ableton and other electronic devices into his repertoire. He can program/run backing tracks as well as sample sounds on his SPD-SX sampling pad. 


Jacob is currently an endorsing artist for

Big Fat Snare Drum. This drum set accessory is one of many that help him at gigs/sessions around Boston. He hopes to continue to grow his relationship with drum companies and continue his endorsing roles as he heads out West. 



​Taking Boston by storm, Jacob has become a 'hired gun' for over 30 artists/bands since his arrival in 2016. He plays anywhere from 45 minute pop gigs to 3 hour cover band sets. With 10-15 shows a month, all this experience has taught Jacob how to be a professional drummer in the real world. 


Since arriving at Berklee, Jacob has completed over 70 studio sessions, ranging from complete albums to "sound-a-like" projects where students have to recreate an already produced song from scratch. With an extensive knowledge of drum tuning, mic placement and DAWs, Jacob can match the right feel to your next song. 

Jacob Harelick 

is a drummer, music director and songwriter from White Plains, NY. Recently, Jacob graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a degree in Songwriting. He is currently residing in Los Angeles where he works as touring/session drummer. With extensive experience in Ableton, playing multiple genres, and petting dogs, he can take your music to the next level.